It’s been a while… I have just had a severe lack of motivation to process any of my thoughts to put them down on paper. But, here I am back where I belong, doing what always seems to feel the most normal to me, writing my thoughts.

I have been feeling completely off lately, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. It wasn’t the same feeling I had late last year before my bout with depression kicked up. This is more of a fallen off the bandwagon type feeling.

I started the year off eating healthy, working out, I might not have lost a ton of weight but I was about 15 full pounds down and of course, I have gained that back. Although I have saved more money than I had in a long time I have had to dip into those savings because I was kicking way too hard since the world opened back up some. And, we all know outside is hella expensive right now.

I need a moment to reset my life because I have lost my damn mind. So, I am fasting for 30 days, starting Aug. 2 until Aug. 31. My fast will consist of juice, smoothies, and raw fruits and veggies. Although this will show itself in my physical appearance it is also a test of the mind and spirit. I typically fast every year with the longest fast I have ever completed being 45 days. It is never easy and I always grow each time I fast. I learn about myself, I learn to love myself in the hardest times, and that I have the discipline to do whatever I set my mind to do.

With that being said, I am going to do the due diligence this time to truly document my experience each day.



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