This morning I had an 8:30 am flight. As always, I pack at the last minute, finish up my chores at home at the last minute, and hope I make it out the door with everything I need. Someone, please remind me not to book a morning flight in the middle of the week, during week 5 of the semester, and a pandemic! This shit had my anxiety at an all-time high but I thought I could pull it off, and, I did, I hope. 

Less than 5 minutes from my house anxiety came over me like a tidal wave and I thought, “I feel like I forgot something.” I swear any time I travel this thought crosses my mind as I begin to leave my house. Yet, each time I tuck that anxiety down by saying, “Whatever you don’t have, oh well, or just buy it when you get there.” At that moment I realized that I was doing the same with the things I was moving away from in my life, having anxiety about what I may have left behind.

As I travel through the journey of my life I realized I have to leave so much behind. Whether it be old ways, old baes, old friends, old food, or even old environments, I am leaving so much behind. I am leaving behind that ex I always run back to, being spiteful, not expressing my feelings, eating all of the carbs, and even the places I used to frequent. I am coming out of yet another cocoon that has been shaping me for the next part of my journey. But, leaving those things behind can be challenging and I often find myself asking the same question from this morning, “I feel like I forgot something,” because what if what I think I need to leave behind needs to come with me? So much anxiety, frustration, and confusion come from trying to take items that you don’t need, are too heavy for your luggage, and unnecessary. What happens when your bags are too heavy to carry?

When it comes to my life how do I push this feeling down? Can I tell myself the same response, “Whatever you don’t have, oh well, or just buy it when you get there”? Yeah, that could work because really, oh well. Yet, that is easier to say about packing for a trip rather than your entire life. I have to remember my life is a journey in which I am traveling, the same way you are traveling on yours. Because what happens when your bags are too heavy to carry?

See, when you travel there are some things to remember, especially if you want to be efficient in doing so. You can only take so much with you. Your checked bag can only carry so much and if it’s too heavy you will get charged extra. Life is the same, you can only take so much with you as you move through your journey and if you want to take more, life surely will make you pay for it as a reminder that you don’t need all that shit where you are going. You have to pack the most important things if you are going on a trip where you are camping, taking a ball gown is not the item you need. 

Just remember, only take what you need!

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