Have you ever finished eating and then said “I want something sweet”? Yeah? I know you have because you are here with me. If you are in Nashville The Baked Bear is a very satisfying option to feed your sweet tooth. It is located on Division.

The Baked Bear is a chain restaurant but it does not give you cookie cutter (all pun intended) plain jane food. This is an ice cream sandwich shop which allows you to choose from one of their signature options or build your own ice cream sandwich or ice cream cone.

For sandwiches, you can choose between variety of flavor cookies or brownies. Then you choose your ice cream, then your toppings. Lastly, you decide if you want it warmed up or not. It just that simple and yes, it is THAT good. It is a fantastic sweet treat!!

Just know, parking sucks and there may be a line but you still have to try!


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