black owned coffee shop nashville


What is your favorite morning drink? Nashville has some amazing coffee shops and cafes. If you are like me and work from home it is nice to get out the house and work from a new space even for couple hours. I have been drinking coffee since I can remember, although when I was a kid it was mostly milk I loved the activity of it. Having a good cup of matcha or coffee just sets the tone for the day. If you are tired of going to the chain coffee shops such as Starbucks, there are a ton of places you can try locally that you can also work from. Some of these places are Black owned, some have patios, some have beautiful aesthetics. Sweetwaters Cafe (Lennox Village) Funny Library (Virgin Hotel) All People (East Nashville) Poindexter (Graduate Hotel) Bongo Java (Multiple locations) Frothy Monkey (multiple locations) Crema (Two…