J.D. Fisk


Since Big Rona has been here my days are filled with either shorts or joggers and always a t-shirt. To be completely honest, I have never been an eager to get dressed up person. I actually love joggers, sweat pants, shorts and t-shirts, it has been my happy fashion place. Yet, here I am during the Rona eager to get dressed, even if it is just the grocery store. I find myself putting on jeans to do the simplest of tasks. Although, I love my casual wear, it has been worn out! Since Big Rona has been visiting I have had a couple times when I absolutely needed to get dressed, and as excited as I am to put on a real outfit I wanted to maintain some of my casual relax wear. I had a couple reasons to get dressed; a funeral and work training, despite being specific events…

Typically, in work environments most masculine presenting or men opt for the easy go to polo’s, button downs and pants but don’t forget to show your personality with colors. I often wear dope socks with cool prints, colors and styles but you can make your clothes pop by wearing bold and daring colors. I will have a post soon about colors that I will link here. The style I wore on this day was simple but bold. INC Men’s Jack 2.0 Slim-Fit Pants Tommy Hilfigure Slim Fit Dress Shirt Navy and Green Scarf Khaki Anorak Reveal Hooded Jacket Steve Madden Ousted Oxford