I have been taking birth control since I was in middle school since I was diagnosed with PCOS. When I went away to college, there were waves of times where I did not take it. But, overall, I have taken it my entire life since puberty. Over the last 8 years, I have read about a supplement that is supposed to be the miracle worker of PCOS, inositol. As time went on I read about other supplements that needed to be taken with inositol, such a d-chiro. I initially tried inositol but it did not seem to do much. The doctor eventually gave me Provera which induced a period every month for about 8 months without the need of taking birth control monthly, so I stopped taking the inositol.

In 2017, I started birth control and it was the fucking worst! You hear me, the absolute worst! I had breast tenderness for the first time and I was so emotional about everything. I gained 30lbs that I have yet to lose. At the time I worked out 5 days a week and could not keep the pounds off. When I talked to my OBGYN at the time, they said “It ShOuLdN’t MaKe YoU gAiN wEiGhT” and I was confused because IT HAD! So they gave me another option, IUD. I was so weary of it, I asked a few friends who had it and even my mother who had it at once. I honestly felt like it was extreme and I was scared to put that inside of my body for years. So, I got a new OBGYN.

With a recommendation from my primary care physician (PCP), I found another OBGYN, who I absolutely love. Prior to my first visit, I had been taking myo-inositol for about 2 months. So, on my first visit, we made a deal, that if I had a period consistently she would not make me take any medication. She gave me a prescription for Provera as a just in case. I took my prescription and went home. On the day of my visit, I was spotting and about to start my period, so the next day I had come on.

This was my PCOS game changer. It is cheaper than the Ovasitotal many PCOS pages promote (because I believe they are getting paid). As the Zazzee brand Pregnositol states, within 3 months, I have had a regular period.

I take the recommended amount from Zazzee every morning before breakfast with a cold drink, sometimes I put it in iced coffee, water, or juice, then I chase it with a full bottle of water. Although it has not slowed or stopped the unwanted hair growth, other symptoms have improved. My mental health is stable, the cravings are minimized and when I work out I lose weight easier. Although I do not have a 28-day cycle, I have a 42-day cycle which my OBGYN stated is good since it is regular and consistent. Now, some months my period starts earlier and my period symptoms are a bit more dramatic than being on birth control. Some months my cramps, exhaustion, and loss of appetite are pretty bad compared to very little symptoms while I was on birth control. But, I rather manage bad period symptoms than to continue put those bad hormones in my body.

The brand Zazzee makes different versions:

Pregnositol Powder

Pregnositol Powder Packets

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