If you follow my Tik Tok you will know that I am a foodie. I love going to different restaurants, bars, and places where ever I am but especially when I am home in Nashville. If you don’t know by now, my favorite meal of the day is brunch. Brunch is the perfect meal for adults because breakfast is too early for the weekend and lunch is too boring. You have never heard someone say, “let’s meet for lunch” on a Saturday or Sunday because it’s lame and for the weekdays.

Brunch comes with options for breakfast, options of lunch, drinks, fashion and the most important part being social. Is there any meal better than brunch? Brunch is for the baddies, the hungover, the social, and the foodies. The last thing I love about brunch is that it is completely hard to be bad at making brunch. The worst of cooks can make a decent brunch.

So let’s get into this.

People ask me how I find where to go eat and honestly, I look at local blogs, yelp, google, and apple maps. A google search would typically be “where to get *insert what I am looking to eat or do*.”

For brunch in Nashville, the same few restaurants pop up. This particular place popped up on several lists for “The Best Brunch in Nashville.” It was on the list from Nashville Guru, which is a really good site to find places to eat (they definitely don’t care about Black people). Honestly, most of the bigger sites don’t care about Black people in the city at all but we can get into that another day. This website I have never used, Restaurant Clicks, even has this restaurant listed. Nashville Eater also has this restaurant listed. Yelp and Google both show this restaurant as 4+ stars and I just don’t know how.

Let me say this, I was a little hungover but that is usually when any decent food hits but nope. I could have gone on a bad day or something. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. But, let’s talk about the good.

The place is dope on the inside, it looks a little masculine but gives me something I would see on TV when people are in NYC or on Sex in The City. Large front windows, loungy seating, a little dark but plenty of light from the windows, nice furniture, and just a vibe. The service was amazing as well, everyone was very friendly, there was no wait and unlike many restaurants in Nashville, you can make a reservation for brunch.

The menu was small and honestly not very impressive but it would do the job for brunch, especially if the food was good. Now, we knew when we walked in what kind of place this would be. It was one table with 2 Black people and us. The white people in there looked like the country club type, some had designer bags and the men had on plaid button-ups with a vest and Sperry’s type fit.

Nugget ordered a mimosa and crabcake, they were standard, nothing to rave about but her food was by far better than mine. I had a sprite (remember I was hungover) with chicken and waffles. This was the toughest most unseasoned piece of chicken that has ever hit my tongue and the waffle was hard. How the hell do you fuck up chicken and waffles?

I asked Nugget how she liked the food, she said, “It’s good for the type of place we are in,” I laughed and asked, “What type of place is that?” She responded with “Look at who is here, this is their type of food.”

We really should’ve just gone to Waffle House!

This proved to me two things; Nashville needs to hire better head chefs and maybe some Black ones and be mindful of the restaurants you see on all the sites a lot of these places simply pay to play.

For the price and the hype, Josephine’s is not the move.

But like I always say, don’t let anyone else’s opinion about a place, activity or a thing stop you from trying it. So, if you want to go, you should. I just may not ever be back.


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  1. “because it’s lame” LOL and i definitely agree, josephines is over rated and not worth it!

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