Since Big Rona has been here my days are filled with either shorts or joggers and always a t-shirt. To be completely honest, I have never been an eager to get dressed up person. I actually love joggers, sweat pants, shorts and t-shirts, it has been my happy fashion place. Yet, here I am during the Rona eager to get dressed, even if it is just the grocery store. I find myself putting on jeans to do the simplest of tasks. Although, I love my casual wear, it has been worn out! Since Big Rona has been visiting I have had a couple times when I absolutely needed to get dressed, and as excited as I am to put on a real outfit I wanted to maintain some of my casual relax wear. I had a couple reasons to get dressed; a funeral and work training, despite being specific events the tips below will work for any occasion.

The Graphic Tee


My job has a “Dress for your Day” policy but you cannot wear t-shirts or tennis shoes. I decided to break the rules a little bit because, well, it is The Rona. I wanted to mostly fit our dress code but comfortably. So, I opted for a graphic tee. Here are some tips to pull off a work friendly or even friendly outfit with a T-shirt.

  • Tuck your tee in!!!!

  • Iron the tee if necessary

  • Nice quality tee

  • Pair it with casual pants

  • Casual shoes

    • Vans, Aldo or comparable Nike’s

  • Make sure your graphic tee is appropriate for your environment

    • Think about what is on your shirt

Solid Color Tee


Unfortunately, I had some funeral events to attend and I wanted to be dressed appropriately but comfortable. Also, it was hot! Although I have a blazer on in the picture, I actually did not keep the blazer on. Instead of opting for the graphic tee, I kept it very clean and went with the solid color tee. I believe the solid color tee is best for events where you need to have a more clean look. Here are some solid tee tips:

  • Tuck in the tee

  • Be sure to IRON your tee

  • Solid color (in any color will work)

  • Wear slacks

  • Add a top layer of a blazer, cardigan, sweater, etc

  • Dress shoes

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