Ainsworth has been in Nashville at least 7 years and has cemented itself into the culture of the city. Located in what they are now calling Aertson Midtown on 21st Ave S. near Vanderbilt University. It is one of three locations in the US including Hoboken and Chelsea.

Ainsworth is perfect if you are looking for a restaurant with aesthetic and the vibes. Their decor does a fantastic job of showcasing personality that is often lacking in Nashville restaurants. You walk into the restaurant through an archway covered in faux plants and lights making you feel as though you are walking into a new city.

Although The Ainsworth is not my favorite restaurant, I don’t mind going whenever someone else suggests we go. Despite having impressive menu items including gold covered chicken wings (which they no longer have on their menu), mac & cheese burger and $15 bottles of champagne on Friday’s, I have found the food to just be mid. It has never been great or even good. If asked, I would say, “it was fine” because nothing is ever nasty but the menu overall (including brunch) could be better and the food could simply be better. For the vibes, the occasional DJ, and good drinks you would think they would be just a bit better.

Now, I understand for birthday parties and large groups sometimes you want the vibes just to look good for the gram and this place is just that.

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