In my past, I have confused a person’s availability with love or even the factors which result in love. If someone was available they deserved my love or my availability as well. Sometimes it would take priority over the many other key factors that make someone a good catch. Because truthfully, availability is not a factor for me. I rather place the value in someone who makes time than how much time someone has is simply available. When I learned this about myself I decided to reduce the amount of time I gave someone new in my life to determine whether I liked them or if I was attached to them.

200w Legacy Said So

Availability only plays a part in my dating life when it comes to people who are unavailable. So, people who are available do not automatically get a relationship out of me, therefore, their availability has no bearing on whether or not I want to relationship with them. Relationships are built on many things but I am no longer in a place in my life where I am having relationships because I can. I want a relationship that is long-lasting because I don’t wanna waste money or time on three to six months.



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