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1 DSCF3096 Legacy Said So


L. Woods-Green

I was born and raised in East Oakland, CA. The important thing about me is that I am a Black woman who also happens to be a masculine-presenting lesbian (we can talk more about this at another time). I could tell you all about my hobbies, interests, and maybe even some background of my life but that is what you will learn in this blog. Recently, I felt more and more that I could not find a representation of myself or even read about the perspective of someone like me. So, I decided to create the content I so desperately looked for in other places in hopes of finding my own answers and maybe even helping someone else along the way. In addition to the blogs about my thoughts, feelings, or even prospective, I know some really cool dope things about various subjects and will be sharing those along the way.

Expired: Private Investigator License
FCRA Certified
Associates Degree in Accounting
Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies
Masters’s Degree in Information Technology (Currently working on)