As always Tik Tok made me buy it! I bought 50 NFC tags to use around my house to automate random things.

If you don’t know what an NFC tag is, it is an object that contains information that can be read by an NFC reader. Your phone has a NFC reader. They can be used to transfer data between devices and are often used to provide access control to physical spaces. They are often embedded in products such as cards, stickers, posters and other objects to provide information such as a name or a date of birth. They can also be used to exchange data between apps, such as when you tap a loyalty card in a shopping app to earn a discount at a store, or when you tap an event ticket in an app to get information about the event such as the location and time.

The term NFC, or near field communication, refers to the technology used to transfer data between two devices within a close proximity of distance. Most commonly, this refers to the technology used to transfer data between a mobile phone and a physical tag, such as a poster or a poster tag. 

In today’s world, we use a lot of technology to help us get things done. Cell phones let us access information, plan trips, and keep in touch with family and friends. Computers help us do our schoolwork and research, and video games are a way to relax. But, what else can it do? 

I am about to find out. I will update you on what I actually choose to use it for around the house. I am always looking for ways to streamline my life and make things easier for me, no matter how small.

They can do everything from helping you wake up on time, habit tracking, sending texts, sharing the Wi-Fi and more.


Hello these are some simple things that make a big impact, and you can do it too c: #smarthome #automation #iphone #fyp #foryou #hack #lifehack #homekit

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