Houston is a city with a lot to offer, whether you’re a tourist looking for the history and interesting neighborhoods or you’re a businessperson or employee looking for a place to work. Houston is diverse but also very Black, and like Atlanta there is a lot to do, one place I enjoyed visiting was Prospect Park.

Typically, I write about what to do in Nashville. If you want to find a place like Prospect Park in Nashville here is a list of Black places to hookah.

They have multiple locations although I only visited one. I had an amazing time! The DJ was fantastic, the food was good and the drinks hit the spot. Despite not smoking hookah, the people I was with did and they enjoyed their hookah. Now, keep in mind this is a very busy venue, so getting the bar can be hard but the service was still very good for a place that was packed with a line to get in.

I don’t remember the parking situation because we caught an uber. Be sure to watch the Tik Tok below for more information and views of Prospect Park.

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