If you don’t already know, I love a good deal and I especially love an opportunity to make or save some money while I shop. A lot of places are doing cashback on shopping without having a credit card and I LOVE IT.

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Unfortunately, I bank with Wells Fargo, and we can get into that another time but they have even offered cash back when I shop at certain stores such as Starbucks or even Ulta. But, this is not about Wells Fargo and their cashback, this is about the goat, WikiBuy.

My guilty pleasure in the morning is to watch Youtube videos about all kinds of things, science, health, wellness, finance, music, and more. Youtube kept running this ad about WikiBuy, I mean it was on a good chunk of the videos I would watch. So I decided to look into WikiBuy to see what it was. Typically, I think a lot of those Youtube ad’s from Youtubers are scams to buy a product but this was different. 

Here is what I found!

WikiBuy, which is now Capital One Shopping, is a FREE Google Chrome plug-in which does 3 major things:

Discount Codes – When you are checking out the plug-in will tell you that there are some discount codes and ask if you would like to check them. When you say yes, it will run every discount code automatically to see which one gives you the best deal. The one that gives you the best deal is then populated in the appropriate field. I have checked the codes they have against RetailMeNot and they have the same codes. This saves you the hassle of copying and pasting each code. WTF!!!


Best Price – It will tell you whether or not you have the best price for the product you are purchasing on Amazon. It will show a green “S” (the picture shows a W) which will tell you if you have the best price, or provide a drop-down list of who has the best price.


Things to consider – the best price does not consider shipping cost or time. What???? No more price checking!!!

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Cashback – When you are ready to check out a pop-up will show up on the top right-hand side of your browser asking if you would like to activate the cashback with the cashback percentage listed. If you select okay, you will receive cashback on your purchase which can later be redeemed for gift cards. YES, FREE MONEY. 


So, if you want to sign up for WikiBuy click HERE. If you don’t want to get the best price and cashback then ignore.

Lastly, there is a mobile app, but I have yet to explore it. Once I have, I will post what I have learned

Note: Be mindful that the biggest downside is that you will be sharing your data with WikiBuy. So consider that before deciding to use the plug-in.

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