Being able to cop a pair of Jordan’s used to mean standing in line all morning on a Saturday to find out if you are Charlie and have won a golden ticket. That next Monday, you knew who was able to cop a pair. Growing up, it was never me, my parent’s never found value in spending “that kinda money” on shoes.

I took that into my adulthood but truthfully, I always wanted some J’s. Now, that is never an issue because I cop the shoes I want when I want. Am I the biggest sneakerhead in the world, no, and no I don’t have a wall full of Jordan’s. I wear what I like and sometimes those are Jordan’s.

A quick sidebar, Jordan’s are basketball shoes and I played basketball my entire childhood until college. People actually hooped in these. I wish folks would get back to hoopin in Jordans.

I know the new favorite is 1’s but growing up that wasn’t the case. So, I am going to give you a list of my favorite Jordan’s in no particular order. If you are a sneakerhead, this isn’t the space for you to debate me because I won’t debate you on what I like. If you just want to look dope and stand out, this list is for you, from a non-traditional sneakerhead.

Jordan 4

black and white nike athletic shoe

Man, I love a Jordan 4! The first pair of Jordan’s I bought myself was a Jordan 4. I love the design because it has so much depth and texture. They did a good thing when designing this particular shoe. It is like the best of the 3’s and best of the 5’s had a baby!

Jordan 13

pair of black-and-white Air Jordan 13 shoes on gray surface

I wanted these so bad and my mama was not goin! I still haven’t copped me a pair but I am waiting on the right one’s to drop and them bad boys are mine. Again, texture but simple. The way they made simplicity seem so bold is amazing! Look at the bottom of this shoe, wow! I gotta get me a pair soon just to make my inner child happy. Imagine hooping in this shoe, going up for a dunk or layup, and a flash of the bottom of your shoe shoes on this beautiful canvas of shoes. This is art!

Jordan 10

jordan 10 retro summit white 3 preview sneaker freaker 1 1 Legacy Said So

I’m not sure what it is about these, I think I like these because they are a dope lookin shoe to hoop in. Although it is simple, the bottom of the shoe is dope, the canvas is clean with depth and a teench of texture to make for a very clean-looking basketball shoe. It is like a 9 and an 11 had a baby. I personally think these look better on taller people or people with a smaller foot. High tops don’t fit well on me but the people who can pull them off look good doing so. This is more of an everyday shoe, that is just a staple.

Jordan 1

unpaired teal Air Jordan 1 shoe

The infamous Jordan 1, is the now trending crowd favorite. This is a dope shoe, it’s the original. All Jordan’s evolved from this shoe. This is a piece of art, with depth, canvas, texture, and just everything about it. Although this wasn’t its shoe when I was growing up, I now own a couple of pairs of these and I love the ones I have. I will likely buy more but this is a staple shoe a must-have in your collection. They look good in the high or low top. Just look at this piece of art and how the lines move around the shoe, how can you not love this shoe. On the other side, I call these the relationship 1’s because whenever you see a couple’s goals shoes its always some 1’s and heels or two pairs of 1’s.

Jordan 12

1 7vjQKX7RFjl5FCc5EQAklw Legacy Said So

I think this is a beautiful shoe. Simple, texture, and just art. Look at how the lines look almost like a sunrise. I read that the designer of this shoe used the Japanese flag as inspiration for this shoe. I may have wanted these more because my parent’s bought my brother a pair and not me. They looked so cool on him. There are so many layers to this shoe and one of the more simple Jordan designs, yet it has so much life to it. I am not sure how they would look on my foot now with my height and shoe size but I can still admire the shoes. I will update you all if I decide to get a pair.

Jordan 5

person wearing white and black nike air max 90

WHY DO THIS GO CRAZY LIKE THIS?? This shoe is ridiculously dope and I have been itching for the chance to add a pair to my collection. This shoe typically has a two-toned sole with a flame-like design coming off of it and of course a bubble. You add layers on the front of the toe, back around the heel, and mid-shoe creating some depth. Then add mesh in the middle sides of the shoe, and textured spots around the laces, topped with a plastic piece to keep the shoe snug. This is beautiful.

Jordan 11

pair of black-white-and-red Air Jordan athletic shoes

Simple. Sleek. Pop. If I had to describe this shoe in three words, those would be it. I have had a pair but we won’t talk about how the sole of the shoe came off and this was way before dupes were like they are. I have been trying to cop another pair but the patent leather J’s are definitely a must add to your collection. These are subtle enough to go with a more casual look, definitely fit a streetwear look and for sure a dress down look.

Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6 DMP CT4954 007 Release Reminder 5 1 Legacy Said So

Take a moment to just obsess over this shoe for a minute. WOW! This is a fantastically designed shoe, you have an outer layer with beautiful curves and an underlayer of the shoe to give it amazing depth. The sole of the shoe has layers with multiple colors added to it and for this particular colorway a gum bottom with white, black, and gold playing off each other on the sole. I believe this shoe looks better on smaller feet or on taller people, I am still adding a pair to my collection. It also has clasps to ensure the laces are tight. This is a great hoopers shoe but a shoe you can add to any streetwear or relaxed look.

Jordan 9

univeristy blue 1 1 Legacy Said So

Last but definitely not least, the Jordan 9. It has all the simplicity of the 11 but the sexy curved lines of the 10. I love this shoe. It is again another shoe I think that looks amazing on a smaller foot or a taller person. It also has a clean canvas above the large c like curve and it is loaded with tiny wholes and rounded rectangles to give it some texture and depth.

In conclusion, don’t only wear Jordan 1’s, find a love for all the art that are Jordans. And if you were like me where your parents didn’t buy you a pair because they were expensive, splurge on yourself. There is so much to love about Jordan. Although they are hard to cop these days you have other options to cop a dope pair of J’s from apps like GOAT.

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