As we all know, the shoes you wear can make or break whether your outfit is hot or not. Some shoes are standard and easy to work with such as Jordans, Yeezys, Nikes, or Dunks. But, there is more to style than simply fitting in, a lot of having a great style is standing out and staying true to yourself. This is to give a nod at a variety of brands that can widen your selection and up your look.

Being your own person means having your own unique style. Your style is what makes you who you are and is a way to express yourself to the world. You can find your own style by exploring the styles of others and by experimenting with your own look. You might have to try a few different styles before you find the one that is right for you.

Cheers to being unique, pushing your boundaries and trying something new.


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I have written about vans before and I love vans! Vans can be wore as a casual shoe, formal shoe, or even a chill shoe. They have a variety of options from winter wear shoes, slip ons, and classic vans. They are typically under $100 and you can make them work with any outfit. I have worn them with everything from casual wear, a suit, or even jeans.


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Ugg’s are typically looked at as a basic bitch shoe but masc people do not let the propaganda fool you. I have two pair of Ugg’s that I absolutely love. They have boots, slides, slippers and moccasins. They are warm and comfortable af. Get one neutral colored pair of boots.


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Hunter makes boots! You absolutely need a pair for rainy days, snowy days or even snow vacation days. Do I need to say more?


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Taft makes beautifully designed hand made shoes. If you really want to add an impressive flair to your suit or business casual wear, Taft is the way to go. They have sneakers, boots, loafers and more. They have insanely beautiful fabrics and designs.

New Balance

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Their rebrand has been insane. New Balance has introduced new designs, dope color ways and more. Having a couple pair of New Balance shoes are essential to your closet.

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