You absolutely need a pair of vans for winter. It is finally here, the time of year most of us dread, WINTER. It is no longer coming, it is here. Although I don’t get out much because of the pandemic there are some occasional times I leave the house in more than joggers and Crocs. I never struggle with deciding on shoes because of the weather, you know shoes are shoes as long as they compliment your outfit, right?

Vans, the perfect winter shoe

I was scrolling on Twitter as I normally do and saw a deal for some Vans at a good price right up under $40. The colorway was nice and it had fur around the top of the shoe, so I pulled the trigger and bought the shoe. Dope right?


Just like Crocs made me a believer, these shoes have changed the game for winter drip. This is now a winter essential! Vans have gone our way to make a nice-looking shoe (even though all of their shoes have the same design) that is winter-ready! I might not ever wear another boot when I can just get vans with the MTE (Mountain Edition) technology inside.

Vans with the MTE technology are perfect for winter.

This holiday season (2016), Vans debuts MTE 360™ technology that enhances heat retention around the foot and improves moisture management within each shoe. The All Weather MTE footwear collection provides premium, water-resistant leather and suede uppers, warm linings and a heat retention layer between the sockliner and outsole.


What happens is that the cool moisture escapes the shoe while the heat is retained within the shoe. Your feet stay warm without sweating. Oh, and did I mention the shoe is weather-resistant too?

So, if you like Vans, the vans with MTE technology are worth the buy and I might not put on boots at all this winter! So far, I have worn them three times and each of those times my feet felt amazing. My feet were warm and not hot and sweaty, so if you think your feet will sweat, they shouldn’t. They are comfortable, the sole is soft. I could tell that there is heat retention because after taking off the shoes my feet felt like they had been snuggled by the softest blanket. It’s a dream come true honestly, and it gives me another reason to wear more vans.


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