I started my blog to just talk about my perspective on things. I found it was hard to find opinions, issues, or thoughts based on my intersectionality. If you dont know by now I am Black, lesbian, and masc presenting. I also wanted to allow my creative side to flourish. So, I was posting on my social media about all of the things I have created. Instagram is slow but steady, but here is where things took a turn, Tik Tok. I started posting on Tik Tok and instead of posting within a niche, a niche found me. My videos about the places I visit, especially in Nashville pop.

unnamed Legacy Said So

When I say pop, I mean POPPED! I started posting more about what life as a Black person in Nashville is like and all the things that I do. I have lived in Nashville since I was 18, and since I have been here Black people have historically said there is nothing to do. And that has never been the case for me. I have always found something to do, sometimes too much to do. Really, a lot of times I should’ve sat my ass down somewhere.

Now, Nashville is an it city and I have been maneuvering through it for years. Someone commented on one of my videos telling me to post more about what I do in the city, and I did. Because of that, I am now an influencer.

I am honestly shocked but now I am figuring out where to go from there without being sucked into a life of never being able to enjoy a moment.

Stick around for the journey.


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