As a Black influencer who posts about things to do, mostly in Nashville, I have noticed I don’t receive many collaborations, or even “thank you’s” from businesses. Whether I have posted about that business or not. The only people who ever want to collaborate with me are Black or ethnic. Only once have I have worked with a company that is not Black owned. Whim App, might not be Black owned but focuses on diverse voices that are hyper local, so, I was a great fit for them.

I have gone out of my way to not give negative feedback about spaces and just talk about the facts, so that people can decide for themselves. That will now end. I am here to showcase life in this world especially Nashville, where I live, as a Black person. And, my content is never for businesses it is for my followers. I am here to provide them with information that is useful and beneficial to them. I believe at this point minimizing my voice to not provide a negative impact is no longer valuable to me or my followers.

I spend my own money and time to share my experiences. I almost never have food comped or discounted nor do I ask. Typically, my friends are the ones who mention it to business owners when we are out. Most of these places (which I know have likely seen the video I have posted about their business) have not even said thank you.

In Nashville, Blackness has been pushed out so far that most people don’t think Black people live in Nashville. The city does not seem to care about Blackness unless it is Black people spending their money in Black spaces. So, despite Nashville having four HBCU’s that produce a number of high earning Black people who stay in the city, the value of our dollar to them does not matter.

Moving forward, I will no longer be making content about the facts of spaces and will be giving my honest review. My voice matters and provides business to these spaces, so, they must earn it. I will still advocate for small owned, woman owned, Black owned, ethnic owned, and family owned businesses but respect is mutual.

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