There are a few random tech gadgets in my house that impress every guest that comes over. Gadgetry has become an important part of our lives. From phones to appliances, we can’t go a day without having some sort of technological device. Some people might think that having these gadgets in our homes is a waste of money, but I think differently. I think that having them makes our lives much easier.

Having gadgets around the house can make life easier and I’m not talking about high end robots. You can use them to do things like watch TV, check your email, or listen to music. You can even use them to control your home appliances. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your life easier, gadgets are a great option. I have a few that impress everyone that aren’t expensive or too techie.

Of course, my friends always say things like “you know you gotta do too much,” “ohhh you fancy,” or even “I don’t know how to work this”

Random Tech Gadgets

Air Purifier

I have the absolute worst allergies so this item is my favorite. Also, if you or your friends have smoke sessions this is the best way to keep your air clean and the smell minimized. If you have HSA, with a little doctors note the air purifier is covered. Don’t rely on just your air filter in your A/C.

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Table TV Remote

This is a crowd favorite. The link above is for the Vizio remote but you can use an iPad or a cheap tablet as a remote. You add all of your TV apps and as long as you have a smart TV you can cast your shows from the smart remote/iPad/tablet to the TV. It’s just a small thing that is impressive and makes TV easy. You wont have to use your phone or anyone else’s everything can be casted from that device.

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Electronic Trash Can

I have valet trash and in the summer bugs would get in my trash can, so being the rule breaker that I am, I left it outside. I don’t want those bugs coming into my house creating a different problem. So, I needed to replace my trashcan for inside. I wanted something with a lid that I didnt have to touch to put things in, and I found this one.

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