An old friend who recently moved back to Nashille explained to me that she used to try and compare Nashville to home (California) but after moving back home she realized Nashville is a cool city. She couldn’t see it before because I was trying to compare the two but later she saw the dopeness. This made me think, Nashille IS pretty dope.

With the beautiful weather on the rise, the hotline has been blinging… you know friends wanting to hang out or long lost socialites who hide during the winter. This is the time of the year that sets the standard for the summer and here we are with long lines, no parking (day or night), packed malls, and no seats in bars and night clubs. Man, how I love this time of year!! 

Nashville has so much to offer, I mean, I know it’s not a LA, ATL, Miami or NYC but it’s something. It’s the something that those cities have lost, the new car smell!! Although Nashville has always had a refreshing “where everybody knows your name” kind of feel (even when no one knows your name), it is growing into something new.

This “new” Nashville is a mix of music, festivals, craft beer, food trucks and more. Its bigger than Nashville Hot Chicken, because lets face it, if you love Nashville, hot chicken isn’t new. The spirit of Nashville is changing and growing into a millennial powerhouse. The new powerhouse is making for an amazing summer.


Live on the Green


Amphitheater concerts


Day Parties



Happy Hour’s

Boom Bap

Food Trucks


4th of July

Nashville Sounds


Some people swear there is nothing to do in Nashville…. I have no idea what kind of rock these people are living under but Nashville is actually pretty DOPE.

Soundtrack :: Bryson Tiller – T R A P S O U L

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