What does being androgynous mean?

Androgynous individuals possess qualities of both femininity and masculinity, and they may present as a mix of both or neither gender. So, they are a bad b*tch and that n… well you get the rest. They understand the fluidity between gender identities, or they may reject traditional gender roles altogether.

Being androgynous can mean that a person does not conform to societal expectations of how men and women should behave, dress, or express themselves. It allows for a wider range of self-expression and can challenge societal norms surrounding gender.

It can also be a way for someone to feel more comfortable and authentic in their own skin. Being androgynous can be empowering, as it allows individuals to break free from restrictive gender roles and be true to themselves.

Please know that being androgynous has nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

Famous Androgynous People

Young Thug

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First off, free Young Thug! (iono maybe, those crimes are hefty)

Thugga Thugga, aka Young Thug, aka Jeffery, is a rapper known for his unique fashion choices and androgynous moments. Although many wouldn’t describe him as androgynous he has been known to wear androgynous clothing and even paint his nails.

He has been seen in clothing traditionally associated with women, such as dresses, carrying a bag, purses, accessories and high heels, and has expressed a desire to push the boundaries of gender norms in fashion. He has also been open about his own gender fluidity, stating in interviews that he doesn’t feel limited by traditional gender roles and the standard idea of masculinity.

This has led many to consider him an androgynous figure in the music industry and a trailblazer for gender expression in hip-hop. Young Thug is known for his unique fashion choices, often blurring the lines between traditional gender norms in the industry.

This has sparked conversation and allowed for more representation and inclusivity in the music industry.

Ruby Rose

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I’ve seen Ruby Rose in a couple movies and tv shows. She definitely got the girlies going with her look, style, and dress. Actress Ruby Rose is considered androgynous due to her unique fashion choices and bold style, which often incorporates traditionally masculine clothing and accessories into her outfits.

She has been known to challenge societal gender norms and has been open about her own gender identity, and does identify as genderfluid. Her androgynous clothing, style and willingness to push boundaries in terms of gender expression have made her a role model and icon for many in the LGBTQ+ community.

Additionally, her performances in shows such as “Orange is the New Black” and “Batwoman” have helped to break down stereotypes and increase visibility for non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals in the entertainment industry.

Harry Styles

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Now look, I don’t know much about this here Harry but I can tell you about the little bit I know and have heard. Musician Harry Styles is often considered androgynous due to his unique fashion choices, which often incorporate traditionally feminine clothing and accessories into his outfits.

He has been known to wear dresses, skirts, and high heels on red carpets, magazine covers and in music videos. In addition, his songs often include love lyrics that are not gender-specific, which allows his audience to interpret the lyrics in a way that resonates with them personally.

This, along with his open-minded and nonconforming attitude, contributes to his androgynous image. He also actively promotes acceptance, love and self-expression which can validate others who are unsure about themselves providing a sense of confidence.

He encourages people to be true to themselves and to not be afraid to be different. Harry is a role model for many people, especially for the youth, and his androgynous style is a reflection of the changing times and the move towards more acceptance and inclusivity in the society.

Grace Jones

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Grace Jones was that girl because she could take anything look. She could wear menswear, button up shirts, mens suits, or even casual wear. Model and singer Grace Jones is considered androgynous for her bold and boundary-pushing fashion choices, as well as her powerful and androgynous stage presence.

Jones often challenges societal expectations of femininity through her use of masculine clothes and sharp, angular features. She used angular suits, unisex clothing and unique shapes to push peoples ideas fashion.

Her striking and unconventional looks have had a significant impact on the fashion industry, and her androgynous style continues to inspire and influence many. Jones has also been known for challenging gender norms in her music and performances, which has helped pave the way for other androgynous people looking to feel comfortable in who their own style.


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Last but not least, it is easy to see that Prince was androgynous. He pushed boundaries with his style by including womenswear treating items as though they were unisex. His eclectic fashion and gender-bending performances. He often blurs the lines between masculine and feminine through his use of high heels, frilly shirts and make-up.

He also played with gender roles in his music videos and stage performances, challenging societal expectations of what it means to be a man. Prince’s androgynous style has had a significant impact on the music industry, and has contributed to the visibility and acceptance of androgynous individuals in the public sphere.

He was known for expressing himself in a way that was true to him, and his androgynous style was a big part of that self-expression.

How Can You Pull Off An Androgynous Look?

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Pulling off an androgynous look can be a fun and exciting process, as it allows you to play with different styles and experiment with your personal fashion. You will get to shop, shop, shop, shop and more shopping. You can try out a variety of clothes, fashion, menswear, womenswear, brands, and labels.

I believe you can wear whatever you want! If you like it, put it on! Although I am typically considered masculine presenting, I still express my femininity in a variety of ways. I paint my nails, I shop in women’s sections, I love a good crop top, and I enjoy a variety of women’s fashion. I don’t care the brand, the label, or the categories. I shop for my body and find what looks cool on me, whether it is a mens suit, or something that shows off my curves, I define my look, not society.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve an androgynous look:

Experiment with Different Clothing Styles
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One way to achieve an androgynous look is to experiment with different clothing styles that can be worn by both men and women. This can include blazers, button-up shirts, tailored pants, and more.

These types of clothing are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Additionally, layering different pieces can also create a more androgynous look.

For example, pairing a button-up shirt with a blazer, and then layering a sweater or sweater vest over the top can create a unique and androgynous look.

Play with Proportions
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Another way to achieve an androgynous look is to play with proportions. This can include pairing a loose, oversized shirt with slim-fit pants, or a long, flowy dress with a pair of sneakers.

This creates a balance between masculine and feminine elements, and can create an interesting and unique look. Additionally, playing with proportions can also include experimenting with different lengths of clothing.

For example, pairing a long tunic top with a pair of shorts can create an androgynous look.

Incorporate Gender-Neutral Elements
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Adding gender-neutral elements to your wardrobe is another way to achieve an androgynous look. This can include accessories, jewelry, and makeup that can be worn by anyone.

For example, a statement necklace or a pair of bold earrings can add a feminine touch to a more masculine outfit. Similarly, a bold lip color or a smoky eye can add a masculine touch to a more feminine outfit.

Mix and match different textures, patterns, and colors
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Mixing and matching different textures, patterns, and colors can create an eclectic and unique look. This can include pairing a denim jacket with a floral dress, or a plaid shirt with a pair of leather pants. This type of styling can create an androgynous look that is both interesting and unique.

Avoid overly-feminine or masculine clothing
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It’s important to avoid overly-feminine or masculine clothing when trying to achieve an androgynous look. This can include tight-fitting clothing or clothing with bold prints or patterns. It’s best to stick to more neutral colors and patterns, and to avoid anything that is too revealing or too baggy.

Be confident and comfortable in your own skin
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The most important aspect of achieving an androgynous look is to be confident and comfortable in your own skin. Regardless of how you choose to present yourself, it’s important to remember that fashion is a form of self-expression, and the most important thing is to feel good in what you’re wearing.

It’s also worth noting that androgynous presentation is not just limited to clothing, but also encompasses one’s grooming, hair, and overall aesthetic.

For example, having a short hair cut, or a more masculine hairstyle can add to an androgynous look. Similarly, maintaining a clean-shaven or well-groomed facial hair can also add to an androgynous aesthetic. It’s important to find a balance between masculine and feminine traits that feel true to yourself.

Another important aspect of androgynous presentation is to be mindful of cultural and social norms. It’s important to be respectful of other people’s perspectives and to be aware that different cultures have different views on gender presentation.

In conclusion, achieving an androgynous look is a personal and fluid concept. It’s important to remember that there is no one right way to achieve an androgynous look, and that fashion is a form of self-expression.

By experimenting with different clothing styles, playing with proportions, incorporating gender-neutral elements, mixing and matching different textures, patterns, and colors, avoiding overly-feminine or masculine clothing, and being confident and comfortable in your own skin, you can create an androgynous look that is uniquely you.

Additionally, it’s important to also consider grooming, hair, and overall aesthetic when trying to achieve an androgynous look. And always be mindful of cultural and social norms when expressing yourself.

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