Being a masculine presenting woman, finding the best-fitting clothes can be challenging. Over time I have learned what works for me. Learning your body type and what fits your body type is important in finding clothes. As a woman who wears men’s clothing, you have to account for a different body shape than men. Some women don’t have this problem but others do. A great way to supplement better-fitting clothes is to use someone who alters clothing.

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Great options, decent quality, fast shipping and cheap

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Find the things that work for you at Macy’s. They always have Lacoste and Polo but I also get suits and dress clothes from them specifically I.N.C. International Concepts because they fit perfectly when altered.

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Rue 21

This is a dope place to get casual clothes; joggers, graphic tees and more. Decent amount of options, cool quality and fair pricing.


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Forever 21

I don’t always use them but when I do it’s for casual going out wear. Sometimes if I am looking for something specific I will check them out. The only thing about Forever 21, they do not tell you if the item you found online is in the store.

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Higher end fashion looks for cheap, suits, and more. Zara’s men’s clothing always seemed androgynous. It is perfect for masculine presenting women.

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We all know ASOS. Fast shipping and tons of options.

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American Eagle

Jeans, jeans, jeans and more jeans. Also shorts and their underwear are perfect additions to your wardrobe.

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No Boundaries (Walmart Only)

I know you see Walmart and think, I am not getting clothes from Walmart but hear me out, this No Boundaries clothing line is just as good and looks like the same stuff from Rue 21. Honestly, the jeans and shorts fit really good. They are skinny enough but not too skinny with the perfect seat that sits well on your waist.




They specialize in underwear, bra’s, swimwear and more for women but also specifically for masculine presenting women. I love their designs and how everything fits! I cannot wait to own more.

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Kirrin Finch

This company specializes in casual and business casual wear for masculine presenting women.

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