ParcelTrack Legacy Said So

This app is $2.99 (one time) and it will manage all your packages in one spot. When you pay for the premium. You can forward your emails to the app and it will automatically pull the tracking numbers out to track your packages. It will send you alerts and more. Great for this holiday time to ensure all of your packages arrive! I like this app for someone receiving packages, not for a seller who sends packages. Deskera had a great explanation of the app.

Parceltrack is one of the more sophisticated tracking software out there. While most of the software is free to use, the premium version of the app offers some really good features. One such feature is that it allows the GPS based tracking of an individual delivery van through a GPS locator. It is an extra layer of security that the app provides. It also has the push notifications feature which updates you every time your package reaches a new marker in the delivery system. Parceltrack is also tied up with some of the most prominent delivery systems like USPS, FedEx, etc. Overall it can be considered to be one of the best package tracking apps available in the market right now.



Calm Legacy Said So

Time is uncertain and wild right now with social distancing. If there was a time that was harder than ever to manage your mental health, now would be it. I love calm because it has so many options to help you relax. They have meditation tracks where you can do different types of guided meditations every day. This is helpful especially for beginners in meditating. They have sleep stories, which I thought surely couldn’t put me to sleep until I woke up the next day.  They also have relaxing music. Calm app has such a variety of materials to help you relax, manage anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression, and more.


InstaCart Legacy Said So

Look, I have been using this for at least a year before the pandemic but this is golden! I hate the grocery store and it sometimes gives me terrible anxiety because people don’t respect your space even pre-pandemic. Truthfully, I spend less money using Instacart. I buy exactly what I need and nothing more. Although there is a $99/year fee, it’s worth it to me, especially in the amount of money I save. Also, Instacart makes it easy to find and repurchase products you always purchase. The downside is that sometimes the prices are higher on Instacart than in the store. If you do not want to pay the $99/year fee and you live in a city with a Kroger, you can pay $9.99 an order through the Kroger app/website and they will send your groceries to you via Instacart. The downside to this is that you cannot chat with your shopper. Your location determines which stores deliver to you.


digit Legacy Said So

I cannot stress this enough. GET DIGIT. I have a number of blogs about Digit and it is legit my favorite application. Digit has saved my pockets more than anything else. Read more about Digit here


Drizzly Legacy Said So

Much like Instacart, Drizzly is a liquor delivery service. It is still making its way to more neighborhoods but it has finally made it to mine. Here are the deets, your store might have an order minimum (mine is $50). There is a $4.99 delivery fee and your tip. Voila! Liquor delivered!!!!!

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