It’s 2020 and despite what our parents think apps can be beneficial and helpful in reaching your personal finance goals. We are no longer living in the days of putting money in envelopes under our mattress but are focusing on ways to automate our personal financial growth. We are using things that make reviewing and adjusting our personal finances on the go easy as blinking your eyes. This new age approach to personal finance is the wave and I want to help you know what works best through personal experience.

Top 5 Personal Finance Apps

My absolute favorite app!!! Digit, you can read my post about it here. In one sentence, Digit has a dope algorythm to see’s how you spend, takes money you wont notice and places that money in a FDIC insured account. Get $5 on me when you sign up here.

Many of you may already have Cash App but if you do not, this is a MUST HAVE APP. In one sentence, send and receive money at a click of a button. Sign up here.

Although this app is no longer the most beneficial to me, it changed my life when it was. Prism allows you to manage and pay your bills in one place. You link your bills to the prism app, it will remind you of due dates, allow you to pay them and even tell you your pay day. I had one issue with this app where I submitted a payment for my electric bill but they said it was denied, yet they received it. The prism help desk was quick and helpful, they helped me figure out my issue which was truly the electric companies issue. Despite this one thing, I still use this app to manage some of my bills, the other bills are automatically paid which Prism also will know. Sign up for prism here.

Self is hella dope. If you are in need of building your credit and saving money Self is the app for you. Self provides you with a secured loan. Basically, you make payments to self and they save it for you, once you make your last payment Self gives you the money. The most important part of this is that Self will report all payments to the credit bureaus to help you build good credit history. Sign up for Self here.

Want to make money on the stock market but you don’t know what to do? Join Acorns. Link Acorns to your bank account and it will round every purchase to a full dollar, then it will take the change and invest it in stocks. You can learn how to invest in stocks on Acorns as well. Sign up for Acorns here.

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