Save Money the Easy Way, Don’t Lift a Finger with Digit

One of my all time favorite money apps is Digit. Digit has a dope algorithm that monitors your spending and takes money you wouldn’t notice and places it in a FDIC insured account. So basically, you are saving without actually having to save. HOW DOPE!!

Additionally, Digit tells you exactly how much you have in your linked account everyday for me it’s around 9 a.m. You hardly ever have to log into the app as Digit can communicate to you thru text. Right now, I dont have the Digit app on my phone. You can sign up and communicate with Digit via text. You can simply send a text with key words or emojis. For instance, if you send the umbrella with raindrops emoji, it will tell you how much you have saved in your Digit account.

I put a couple friends of mine on Digit. One said she had an emergency pop up and boom she had all the money she needed in her Digit account. See how perfect!!!

Now I know some people were upset that Digit went from a free app to a paid app but what’s $2.99 when digit is raking up money for you. Digit may take a few cents or a few dollars but I promise you won’t notice. One time Digit took $50 and I had no clue. Digit sometimes takes a little as a few pennies and sometimes higher than that depending on your balance and spending habits. Trust me the algorithm works. I have had Digit for 3 years now and have saved a total of around $3000, I have taken some money out over this time.

Last thing to clear up is that Digit is FDIC insured, which means if anything happens to your money in that account, it is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. FDIC insures your typical bank account from places like Wells Fargo, Bank of America or even your credit union. The FDIC insures bank deposits against bank failure.

So, if you want to get a head start on your financial goals for 2020, Digit is one of the best place to start.

Sign up here and get $5 on me!!!

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