I have only been in my new apartment since April (2020) and I am still decorating and arranging. For me, it’s a process. I have to feel the room out, know what I want the vibe to be, and then begin piecing it together. 

I have a second room that I use for an office. I would like this room to have a really nerdy, man cave kind of look. I eventually plan on building a bed for this room but for now, I am decorating the walls. 

My friend, Lovely, took me to 5 Below one day and I grabbed a few cool posters. While walking through the checkout line I saw some poster hangers that looked pretty cool but to my surprise, they were $5, which I thought was too much for that item, especially from 5 Below.

So, my wheels began to churn. I did a little google research and I decided on a plan to make them myself. This is what I did:

What You Need:

  • Paint Stirs or wood rulers

  • Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint

  • Magnetic Strip or Magnets

  • Superglue 

  • Tweed

  • Lacquer spray paint


Step 1

Paint the paint stir/wood rulers. I used wood rulers because Office Max was going out of business and they were cheap.

Step 2

Apply lacquer

Step 3

Wrap tweed around the paint stir/wood rulers using superglue to hold it


Step 4

Superglue magnetic strip or magnets to the painted paint stir/wood rulers

Finished product!

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