What is Brunch?

Let’s talk brunch because ya’ll found out about brunch and haven’t been to church since!

f you’re a fan of breakfast and lunch, then you’re going to love brunch. It’s the perfect combination of both meals, and it’s a great way to kick off your weekend. Whether you’re looking for a fancy, sit-down brunch or a casual, grab-and-go option, there’s something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about brunch, including the best dishes, the best places to go, and some creative ideas for hosting your own brunch at home. So grab a mimosa and let’s get started!

Surprisingly, brunch was invented by a man! Well technically he did not invent brunch but he popularized the concept. His name is Guy Beringer he wrote an essay about the idea of combining breakfast and lunch.

What are the styles of brunch?

I love brunch! So, I am familiar with all things brunch. Most articles will give you a strange list of brunch styles. Thrillest mentioned “brunch at someone’s apartment,” girl, that is not a STYLE of brunch. That is a location of brunch. But, what makes something a style of brunch? A style is typically something you can determine by people’s attire, occasion or menu offerings.

So let’s get into it:

  1. Boozy Brunch
  2. Dirty Brunch
  3. Fancy Brunch
  4. “Keep it cute” Brunch
  5. Work

Boozy brunch

person holding filled drinking glasses

What: Boozy brunch is a type of brunch that includes a lot of alcoholic beverages as part of the meal. Typically, they have a bottomless drink option or a drink special that encourages drinking.

Attire: It can be casual or more dressed up depending on your party. They are meant to promote a social and festive vibe. Dress cute but ready to have a good time.

Where: Look for a brunch spot with bottomless mimosas or drinks. Or, if they don’t have bottomless mimosas they have a drink special that you cant miss like 2-4-1 bottles of champagne or 2-4-1 drinks. You are typically sacrificing the quality of food for drink specials. You will get the standard options but nothing will be worth calling home about.

Dirty Brunch

boy in orange zip up hoodie and black pants sitting on gray concrete floor

What: Dirty brunch is a style of brunch which is meant for the hungover or day after. This is the “we had a time last night” brunch goers. You are looking for a late breakfast or lunch to help ease a possible hangover or tiredness from a previous long night. You would spend your time at this brunch talking with your friends about the night before; piecing together the events, sharing the tea and recapping.

Attire: This attire is usually very casual. You may not have even taken a good shower before. You may throw a hat on, some sweats, or something easy and comfortable. Please, if you don’t shower at least brush your teeth.

Where: Somewhere with good food and also comfort food. You are typically looking for something to fill your stomach.

Fancy Brunch

yellow and white labeled soft tube on black table

What: This brunch is typically for special occasions; Easter, Mother’s Day, after church, Birthday, Wedding, etc. It is meant to be an occasion that is lightly social, meant to dress up and for the common event. Now, do you have to have a special occasion? No. But, that is typically when this takes place.

Attire: Cocktail attire or nicer.

Where: This usually takes place at a restaurant that can accommodate your group, has a more upscale environment, and typically a good menu. You may not get the boozy aspect with great drink specials but usually the food is good.

“Keep it Cute” Brunch

two woman smiling

What: This is similar to a dirty brunch but clean. So think dirty brunch but clean and boozy brunch without being drunk. You are usually a mess at home cleaning on Saturday morning when a friend calls you at the last minute to meet up for brunch. It isn’t a special occasion and you aren’t looking to turn up. You want some good food without the fancy atmosphere and maybe have a couple drinks

Attire: This is pretty casual. These are the times when you ask, “what are you going to wear?” Because you could be as casual (but clean) as dirty brunch or as casual as boozy brunch. I typically like to gauge off of who I am going with.

Where: You could go to any place related to the other styles. You can sit at the bar at a nice restaurant. You can go to chill spot with good food or you could go to a boozy spot and not do too much. You have the most options with this style

Work Brunch

sausage between fried banana and pancake

What: This is exactly what it says. This is the brunch you go on when you are networking or talking about business. Business meetings don’t always have to be for dinner, they can be for brunch.

Attire: This is based on the meeting type. You could be wearing work attire to dressing down. Know who you are meeting with and gauge from there.

Where: This is another brunch style where all places could be a good choice. Again know who you are meeting with and what you are meeting about. If you are a creator like me, something casual will be fine but if you are meeting with a politician your location may need to be different.


What type of brunch style is your favorite?

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