If you are Black buying Black is important. Not only does this help us support and grow our community but it also allows the world to see in the midst of adversity we thrive. There are always those people who say well all products dont have a Black-owned brand but there are some brands you may not know or even thought exist. Black products are not just clothes, hair care but can be a variety of products. We are going to focus on Black-owned household products.


Good Vibes

This is a plant-based all-purpose household cleaner.

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Reel is a paper company, toilet paper & paper towels, which specializes in comfortable and sustainable products. BPA free, biodegradable, no inks or dyes

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True Detergent

Black-owned laundry detergent focuses on quality products. This detergent is 4x concentrated so consumers can use less laundry detergent. It works well in all washing machine types.

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PUR Home

Pur Home provides non-toxic household cleaning products. These products are natural, safe, and do not cause harm to Mother Earth. They have household products including laundry detergent.

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Derx was started in 2020 because they were having a hard time finding products without harsh ingredients on the local shelves, so Derx was born.

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