This post will be very brief as there is not any long drawn out explanation of what you should do. I will start by explaining why it is important. First, people are crazy these days, you don’t know if you have anyone going through your trash. You don’t want someone to know what medications you are taking because it will be easy to figure out why you are taking them. Also, your personal information is on that bottle and people could use that information for various uses. 

The main idea is to remove the label or mark the information out. Check out these ideas:

  • Use a blow dryer to get off the label
  • Soak in water to pill off the label (add a little dish soap to the label for eas)
  • Simply peel the label off
  • Use a marker to mark out your information
  • Ask your pharmacist if they have a mean of shredding old bottles

These are some of the simple ways to dispose of the bottles. Two steps: Remove/Mark Out the label, throw or reuse the bottle.

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