Everybody may love hot chicken when it comes to food in Nashville. It is now a tourist must have that can be found in restaurants all over Nashville despite most of it being a poor attempt at recreating a local classic. Nashville has so much food to offer but if you are like me and you occasionally need a quick bite on vacation, wings are a go to in any city with even 5 Black people living there. So, where should you get wings in Nashville? This is a list of all the Black owned chicken spots in Nashville and Middle TN.

Ghot Wingz

Memphis Wings

Rocky’s Wing Shack

615 Crumpy’s

Germantown Pub

Starwood Pizza

Strikeout Wingz

Official Wings



Brother Z’s WANG SHACK

TrapHouse Wingz

Helens Hot Chicken

400 Degrees


Wingz & Friez


They are listed as closed but they are taking to go orders.

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