To be truly honest with me, some characteristics I think I have, I don’t. I would like to think of myself as patient but I’m nowhere near as patient as I think. I may be patient with other people or patient in certain circumstances but I’m really not all that patient. I think this lack of patience allows me to stay in a state of disappointment. 

I work out and eat right, but I want changes now, knowing good and well that changes will take time. I don’t care, I want it now! So then I sit around disappointed in myself because I haven’t gotten the results I want today. It’s an ugly trait that I have to beat in order to be successful, that now mentality is slowly killing my growth. 

It’s amazing how one thing can change everything. That patience has been slowly preventing me from being successful. I can be very disciplined especially when it’s necessary or when I set myself to something, so saying “I’ll stop this” or “I’ll do this,” discipline makes it easy. Lack of patience makes the follow-through difficult. That annoying persistent desire to need results right now is killing me and that shit has gotten worse as I got older. I have to remind myself that I am not running out of time. 

But how do you beat having a lack of patience? 

Honestly, I’m not sure. I know I learned a lot about myself during my 45-day juice fast from a couple of years back. I believe it is time to do another and really hone in on the mental and spiritual part of the journey. 

I will be posting my old post and YouTube videos from my fast. 

Listening to DVSN – SEPT 5TH

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