So, what is a Flexitarian? The flexitarian diet is a low-calorie, high-protein diet that allows you to enjoy meat occasionally. It’s also very strict and doesn’t involve counting calories.The term flexitarian diet refers to a combination of the terms vegetarian and vegan. It’s a diet that allows people to enjoy animal products on a regular basis.

The goal of the flexitarian diet is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. However, you can still enjoy meat occasionally.

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As of August 2022, I have been eating more meat than I have since the last five years. I have been a pescatarian and a vegetarian for the last five years. Despite this, I am still able to maintain my best when I am on a flexitarian diet. This is the time when I am eating mostly vegetarian but also having meat once a week.

I would never want to be completely vegan due to the lack of nutrients. I prefer to have a variety of fruits and vegetables, and I now have an appreciation for nuts and beans. I’ve never liked nuts and beans but they oftentimes make or break a good meal or snack. But, I had no idea how to tell people how I eat until I was told I was a flexitarian, which I was. At first, I thought they made up the word because well, it sounds made up. 

Saying I am a Flexitarian has a certain “jenny say quan” about it. Imagine not having to put yourself into a box, it makes my inner Gemini so happy.

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