we spend too much time on the act of connecting. who we connect with, how we connect, what we connect to, and even in the ways we connect. sometimes we even wonder if we are worth connecting with, why do or don’t people connect with me, or even how can i be better at connecting. there is absolutely nothin wrong with pondering all things in connecting. in fact, it’s important but i believe we spend too much time worrying about connecting and not enough time existing.

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as i write this i am sitting at a bar alone (high lol) no longer connecting, just existing. i am writing this to remind you to focus on existing rather than connecting. spend time with yourself diggin your toes into the world beneath you and all around you. notice the sounds, the smells, how the environment looks and even how you feel in the moment.

and for me, in this moment, i for once feel still, its like sitting in the middle of a busy street without being able to notice the cars zoomin by because you have turned off the noise. i dont know how it is for you, but for me that noise gets loud and chaotic, sometimes its so distracting that i cant even enjoy what i’m doing. this even happens when i’m doing things i enjoy. it’s one of the main reasons i enjoy playing video games because it turns the noise off but i need more ways to have that and sitting here right now is one of those times.

there is so much energy being put into being the best version of ourselves and even in self-awareness. are you truly seeking enlightenment, the same way siddhartha did? or, are you looking to be a better person to maybe even attract better things in your life? if you answered yes to the latter question this is for you.

take a moment, really several moments to stop. stop thinking. stop worrying. stop complaining. stop desiring. stop letting your mind be in control of your existence.

you exist because you are connected to this planet. your body knows exactly how it needs to be to survive, thrive and exist in the world. take this moment to turn the noise off and plan to exist somewhere, doing something you love. whether you like to hike, spending with friends or even bar hop. exist in it. be free in it. don’t worry about how you look, if you can get a pic for the gram, if they will text or call back, don’t worry about any of it. smile. be happy. be care free.

i cannot say this enough. stop thinking about it and just live in it.

although this message may be received by you, this message is always for me.


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